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A Jura espresso machine is suitable for smaller organizations that want to serve premium quality coffee. Jura espresso machines are very easy to maintain and ensure consistantly excellent coffee. When you choose Buscaglione for your company we will provide you with a FREE Jura espresso machine. Within our all-in coffee concept you pay per cup including Buscaglione coffee and service!

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Jura GIGA X3c    Jura Giga 5

Jura GIGA 7 & GIGA X7 Jura GIGA 8 & GIGA X8

Jura Koffiemachine - Jura GIGA X3c 
Jura GIGA X3c

The Jura GIGA X3c Professional is especially suitable for large offices and small-scale catering. With the press of a button you can choose from various fresh coffee specialties.

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Jura Koffiemachine - Jura Giga 5 
Jura Giga 5

The Jura Giga 5 coffee machine is extremely quiet and prepares your favorite coffee very quickly. It is capable of making coffee and heating milk at the same time.

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Jura GIGA 7 and Jura Giga X7

These Jura coffee machines combine ultimate ease of use and quality in a modern design. For all your favorite coffee specialties, from espresso to latte macchiato.

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Jura Giga 8 - Jura Giga X8
Jura GIGA 8 and Jura Giga X8

Elegance, user-friendliness and high-quality from Switzerland for all your favorite coffee specialties, from espresso to cappuccino.

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