Quatreau SmartTap - PureH2O | Office alternative to Quooker

1 tap,
3 types of water

Chilled, hot and sparkling water from a single tap.
The Quatreau SmartTap is the complete alternative to a water cooler or Quooker.
Filtered and purified water – Patented high quality by PureH2O.


Quatreau SmartTap

Chilled, hot and sparkling water for your office

Best office alternative to Quooker

Waterbar op kantoor

3 in 1 design tap:

Chilled,hot and sparkling water from one tap! Pure H2O’s Quatreau SmartTap offers your a Britisch, high-quality stainless steel tap offering you two levels of water filtration. The Quatreau SmartTap is the perfect water solution for your office and is offered through PerTazza’s all-in concept.

Option 1: Optimal filtration by means of descaling and an active carbon filter

Option 2: Premium purification by means of the patented RODI system that removes 99.9% of all impurities from your water by means of reverse osmosis and deionization while preserving taste and health properties.

You pay per glass and automatically provide people in Africa with clean drinking water through our cooperation with Made Blue.

Advantages of Quatreau:

  • Chilled, hot and sparkling water from a single high-quality designer tap;
  • Perfect temperature (97ºC) for tea;
  • Unlimited capacity, suitable for large volumes;
  • Smart water meter for insight into use;
  • Stainless steel design with drip tray and illuminated touch controls;
  • Optional patented RODI system for the highest level of filtration;
  • Included: Annual preventive maintenance service, continuity guarantee (replacement model in case of defect), active hydrocarbon filters and descaling filter;
  • Active contribution to your sustainability objectives in cooperation with Made Blue: 100 glasses of water are donated in a developing country for every glass you drink. An average company of 50 employees can quickly provide a whole village with clean drinking water.




Pay per glass, all-in

including Quatreau SmartTap, equipment and service!




De meest complete kraan voor uw kantoor

> chilled, sparkling and hot water
patented designer tap

> budget friendly, saves costs
65% compared to  a water cooler

> healthy
99,9% filtration

> sustainable
minder plastic
1=100 water project


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