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1 tap,
3 types of water

Hot, cold and sparkling water from one tap.
The most efficient alternative to a traditional water cooler or hot water tap.
A unique concept for the office that contributes to your sustainability goals.


Be Blue!

A sustainable solution offering you
the best water in the office!

Complete water bar for € 155 per month all-in
including tap, equipment, service and a guarantee of
1,2 million glasses of water donated in a third world country!

100 people join you when you drink a glass of water.

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3-in-1 Tap >>

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Sustainable >>

Sustainable >>

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PerTazza Made Blue Waterbar

The best water solution

for your office





1  = 100

Clean drinking water is a primary necessity of life and inextricably linked to coffee. That is why PerTazza has entered into a partnership with Made Blue, a foundation that provides clean drinking water in countries where this is not self-evident.
Made Blue ensures the availability of clean drinking water in developing countries on behalf of Pertazza and provides measurable results. of water provides 100 glasses of clean drinking water in a developing country.

100 people join you every time you drink a glass of water. For a company with 50 employees this means that 5000 people in a developing country are drinking clean water with you.

Provide a village with clean drinking water!





How your company can
provide a village with clean water.


50 employees
drink an average of
5,000 glasses per month


60,000 glasses annually
in the office
6 million glasses
in a developing country

When you place a PerTazza Made Blue Waterbar you donate 100 glasses of clean drinking water for every glass of tea or water that is drawn! In the above example, this means that after 6 years, more than 36 million glasses of clean drinking water have been donated in a developing country and that 5,000 people are drinking together with your employees. That is at least a village!

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    walden siropen

    Power Up! 

    double your contribution

    Walden’s syrups are 100% organic and contribute an extra 100 glasses of clean water for every glass that you drink. 1 glass of lemonade equals 200 glasses of clean water in a developing country. That’s a double impact!

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