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WMF 1400

FREE within our all-in concept. You pay per cup, including Buscaglione coffee and service!

The WMF 1400 (formerly WMF Presto!) is suitable for offices or departments with 25-40 people where regular guests are also received with a cup of coffee.

The WMF 1400 puts a fully automatic specialty coffee machine within everyone’s reach. This compact coffee machine for offices is a real all-rounder. If you choose the Plug & Clean option, the system automatically cleans the milk frother at the end of the day.

Every coffee machine is equipped with a touchscreen, an automatic cleaning program, drink registration, hot water dispenser and a collection tray. You can choose between a water tank with a capacity of 4.5 liters or a fixed water connection with or without a fixed drain.

All-in concept

Specifications WMF 1400

  • The most delicious Italian coffee specialties with fresh milk.
  • Suitable for medium-sized office environments / departments with 25 to 40 people.
  • Brewing capacity of up to an average of 150 cups per day.
  • Plug & Clean for easy and automatic cleaning of your milk frother.
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation with preferred keys.
  • Clear, self-explanatory display.
  • Hot water dispenser.
  • Possibility of connection to a fixed water connection or the use of a water tank.
  • Dimensions: W326 x H676 x D556 mm.
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