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Espresso Machine

We will place a FREE WMF or JURA espresso machine when you decide to serve Buscaglione coffee.


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WMF espresso machine

WMF has been market leader for over 125 years with the highest quality espresso machines. Years of innovation have made WMF a reliable supplier of stylish and robust espresso machines offering the perfect preparation of your favorite coffee specialty.
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Jura espresso machineSince 1931, the Swiss manufacturer JURA has been a pioneer in the innovative development of fully automatic espresso and coffee machines. This expertise results into an unprecedented cup of coffee when using Buscaglione beans.
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A FREE espresso machine
and the best coffee beans
for a fixed price per cup, all-in?

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Premium coffee deserves
an excellent espresso machine


The quality of your espresso machine is an essential factor to achieve an optimal result in your cup. That is why PerTazza only works with reliable brands.

WMF and Jura offer you the most reliable quality. All espresso machines in the PerTazza range have proven themselves in terms of quality and appearance and are optimally tailored to the beans of Buscaglione.

WMF’s espresso machines can be equipped with the revolutionary RDA (Remote Data Access) technology. This enables automatic stock management and gives you real-time insight into your consumption and maintenance issues.

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